From Birth to Business: The iPad

The computer tablet is fast becoming a household item across the globe, with most successful electronics companies having their own version on the market; but one seems to be more familiar than others, not only in the home but in the office, the high street and factories all around the world.

The iPad was released in April 2010, three years after apple released the hugely successful iPhone. The sales of the iPad in its first 2 years reached 67 million and continue selling at a steady rate currently. The iPad however is a newcomer into the computer tablet market, apple themselves having released the Apple Graphic Tablet in 1979 (this tablet was later discontinued by the FCC due to the product causing radio interference), electronic companies have been trying to get these electronic devices into the consumer market for a long time.

With smart-phone technology becoming more widely available and continuous improvements making them able to handle more and more information and at the same time, become easier to use, they have become so common an object even advertisements have started using QR codes for your phone to scan. The common use of this type of technology coupled with the modern increase in home computing and laptops has allowed an adequate space for the computer tablet to bridge these two worlds together. Being easier to transport than a laptop but as powerful as most home personal computers and using the familiar format and orientation technology of apples iPhone made the iPad an instant success.

As well as success in the consumer market, the iPad has been well received in the business world with endless uses from commercial to military. CIRPs(College International pour la Recherche en Productique) research shows that 21 percent of current purchasers of the new iPad use it for work and business. More and more apps come out each day for people to do business with or improve the way they do their work through this device. 

Whether it's being used to write reports, conduct surveys, hold a business meeting or buying and selling stocks the iPad app market hosts apps to make business easier. Touch-screen technology has been in use in the business world, especially in the retail industry, for a long time and personal computers have been used for longer. The functionality and size of the iPad has made it a keen business tool and is used by the largest of corporations, the smallest business owner, technicians, engineers, soldiers, musicians, journalists, doctors, etc.

The price tag is also part of what makes this tablet computer enormously accessible to a number of market groups. Even a start-up business can afford to utilize the iPad to expand their business, and musicians, architects and other freelance professions are turning to the technology in order to market themselves globally due to the fact it is both an affordable and useful commodity. 

With the iPad being only in its infancy this technology will undoubtedly become more and more commonplace in the areas we work within and across all sectors of industry. No longer a novelty product that competes with a simple laptop or smart-phone, the iPad has grounded itself as a practical necessity in the more modern arenas of the business world. As the technology continues to improve, so too will its capabilities in business across the globe.